Friday, February 01, 2013

Emergency Aparthied

The fire safety guide in the Guest Instruction Manual I found in my room at the Las Vegas Wynn Hotel this week:
If your exit is blocked
If the stairwell is filled with smoke, try the other exits at the end of the hallway.
If both exit stairwells are filled with smoke, return to your room.  It is the safest place for you.

Discouraging that the best option is to go back to your room to await deep-frying, but the advice is sensible enough.

Also incomplete.  "Both exit stairwells" refer to the stairways at either end of the hallway on my floor, the 25th.  However, my hallway only took up half the 25th floor - the other half was a hallway of fancier suite rooms, access blocked by a room key reader to keep the peasants out.  Only suite guests could get through.

I don't suppose there was any reason for my going over into the other hallway uninvited, but there was no reason NOT to.  Not like I could do anything once I got there.  I think the division is to maintain a certain exclusivity for the more expensive rooms.

There are two other stairways over there, too.  Supposing there was a fire where my stairways were smoke-ridden, but theirs were not?  Escape would be a simple thing, except for the security door dividing us. (Though in fairness, I am not certain whether folks on the other side have their access restricted as well.)

Funny to imagine a hotel with one set of emergency exits for the economy-room peons and another for the fancier suite stayers, but that's exactly what they've got at the Wynn.

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