Saturday, December 31, 2005


A guy who used to be in the same LDS ward as me is in jail.


So odd to read about an acquaintance being tried for some heavy-duty felonies. The public record sanitizes his very identity, distilling it down to "a Salt Lake man." Strange. I'm "a Salt Lake man," too.

Bank fraud, forgery, ripping off friends and strangers alike - it's not looking good for Baylor Stevens. He could be in the hole for most of his natural life.

Of course at this point he has only been indicted, not convicted. But...let me put it this way: if most anyone else from that ward had been hauled in front of a magistrate I would be "shocked, yes, shocked." In this case it's more like, "hmm, that answers a few questions." I always thought him to be vaguely oleaginous, with the sort of reserved blandness you'll sometimes get from people who never really say what they think.

The article was still shocking, though, for it contains the appalling revelation that he is younger than me. I thought he was like 35. He has old eyes.

My mom wanted my sister to go out with him.

So, now what? Do we wait for stern and dispassionate justice to run its course, for better or worse? Or do we go ahead and make up our minds on the matter?


Esperanza said...

Crazy, shows you can't always judge a guy by his appearance, he looks fairly good-looking, normal and decent. I remember them saying when I was little, when you are older you will proably have one friend that will that will that will be....and I always wonder, and now have seen one or two that fit into certain categories, makes you want to see inside of them and understand why they did/do what they do.

echaney said...

I actually used to know this guy way back. Stumbled upon this blog. What ever happened..was he indicted? Just curious. I was quite surprised.

Merx said...

I just went to a party at "his house" last sunday June '08. Hmm.. There is also a title company that filed suit against him in May '08.

Last time i go to his party. The girls weren't that good looking anyway.

Monique said...

he's a bastard. deserves more than what he's getting or has gotten sentenced. i must say though-i loved seeing him in person in that orange suit.

Anonymous said...

After 3 and 1/2 years, this case has finally been put to rest. Baylor Stevens was finally sentenced to 51 months in a federal prison.

He has until August 18th to turn himself in. He will then have a 36 month post-imprisonment probationary period where he cannot be self employed during that time. He must pay restitution to over 15 victims in the the amount of about $1.2M.

The general public should at least know that he has been brought to at least some justice so that no more innocent people fall victim to his fraudulent claims.